Mr. Pen- Gel Highlighters, Bible Highlighter, Pack of 12, No Bleed Highlighter, 2 Bonus Highlighters, Dry Highlighter, Highlighters Assorted Color, Bible Journaling Supplies, Bible Markers for Tabs

by Mr. Pen



    • 12 Gel Dry Highlighter, Bible Highlighter, Assorted Color Pen With 2 Bonus Highlighter
    • Won’t Bleed Through Any Paper Including Glossy And Thin Papers, Magazine And Bibles, Acid Free, Smooth, Won’t Dry, No Smear Across If Left Uncapped
    • Ink Pen Style For Easy Handling And Carrying
    • Perfect For Color Coding, Journaling, Memorizing Bible Or Other Books
    • Twist up Gel Stick Design, Can Be Sharpened For Finer Tip

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Having firsthand experience teaching in at-risk schools in different parts of the United States, seeing the daily struggles of students and teachers, we, a few business-minded teachers, founded Mr. Pen with a simple purpose: serving the schools in our community by providing real solutions for real problems and meeting the needs which we faced and experienced with our bones. To certify success, we are starting small with only a few products to expand in the future.

We, at Mr. Pen, believe in our children’s future and want to invest in them. One way of investment is educating them; consequently we contribute a portion of our proceeds to our community foundations and schools.

Mr. Pen is a values-driven company, guided by the principles of excellence through strong product design. Our commitment to these values is to be reflected in our dedication to improve current products and develop new exciting products for our consumers. To achieve this goal we appreciate all the help we receive from anyone who uses our products.

22 reviews for Mr. Pen- Gel Highlighters, Bible Highlighter, Pack of 12, No Bleed Highlighter, 2 Bonus Highlighters, Dry Highlighter, Highlighters Assorted Color, Bible Journaling Supplies, Bible Markers for Tabs

  1. Ally

    a lot like crayons, and stays tacky a while

    These are the first set of gel highlighters I’ve bought, so I don’t know how they compare to other sets.I was hoping to use these both to highlight paragraphs or sections of my Bible by topic and for larger areas in adult coloring books – regular highlighters tend to leave darker spots or streaks where there’s any overlap and I don’t like that. These don’t leave those dark spots, though you can darken an area by coloring over it again. The gel is about the diameter of a crayola, and a colored area has the soft, slightly uneven texture of crayons. It doesn’t bleed, but the colored area is pretty tacky/sticky-feeling and stays tacky for a few days. This works very well, like crayon, for coloring large areas in an adult coloring book. But I’m not using it for my Bible; I’m concerned the thin pages might stick together or that the color would get onto the facing page.Regarding sheerness and readability, these give a soft color that is easy to see through, and I haven’t had a problem with them smearing ink, so it should be pretty easy to read through highlighted areas. It does not cover heavily.

  2. Cookie

    Very happy with these highlighters

    I love these highlighters. The colors are bright, the gel Bible highlighters are smooth and glide across the page effortlessly, with no bleeding. My previous use of another brand was like applying sticky crayons over the words, leaving pieces of the crayon behind on the page. I also love the different sizes which I use for various projects. So much happier with this set of highlighters.

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  3. Angie

    I had purchased the Sharpie version of the gel highlighters and thought I’d try these because the price was much better. They work fine

    I had searched for a long time, spent a lot of money on various brands and types of highlighters mostly for use in my day planner. Bleeding through the pages when color-coding was an issue. I had purchased the Sharpie version of the gel highlighters and thought I’d try these because the price was much better. They work fine, they don’t really bleed through, although you can still see them a bit through a white page but nothing like a traditional highlighter. They do take a bit of getting used to how to hold them so the angle is right and it actually highlights where you want it to. Might be a bit trickier for small print in a bible. The colors are pretty and the texture they leave behind is smooth. They have a screw bottom to push up the gel after each use if you need to. Overall I like them and for the price I am satisfied. The rest of the highlighters are normal and work fine as well. Haven’t used the tape yet, the pencil highlighter is unique, but very similar to a colored pencil.

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  4. KharaLS


    I love these gel highlighters that I received. I love the different colors and how well they smoothly write. I can still read any text underneath and I love that they do not dry out. Regular highlights dry out so quickly. I would love to order more of these for my students. They love to highlight but the markers they come to class with typically dry out very quickly. These gel highlighters are so wonderful!

  5. B

    Great Product but…..

    I am in love with These Bible Highlighters! From the Highlighter Gel Markers to the highlighting tape (Which I like to use for my Titles )Is awesome! The felt tips are nice and Florescent as well! I will definitely be recommending these to others!***I would recommend Mr.Pen make the Blue Gel Highlighters more Florescent. The Chisel Tip Highlighters (Green, Purple, and Blue) should also be More Florescent.***

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  6. 1611KJVBIBLE

    Best so far.

    Gel highlighters are the best for highlighting in your bible imho. No bleed through on thin bible paper!! I’ve used several different brands and these Mr Pen’s are the best so far. Nice color selection but none so dark that they blot out words. No gunky residue like many others. Just remember that you cannot write over top of the gel once you’ve highlighted. Write first (if desired/needed), let dry, THEN highlight.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Use it for pesonal, office, everyday and …

    These are way better than Sharpie highlighter. The colors are more vibrant. They are worth way more than the price. I love to use highlighters when reading books. I have a coloring system for myself. This pack offers a lot. I can do way more than usual with this pack.It has highlighter pens with narrow chisel, highlighter pens with wide chisel, gel highlighters, pencil highlighters and highlighter tapes.I usually use the pens for everyday use in my office and gel highlighters are great for books because it doesn’t dry so i can leave tge top open. Also it doesnt bleed through the paper. Whcih is great for using on your Bible.This is my first time that i use pencil highlighters, they work great. I probably use them more often. They come with a sharpener that fits for them. I found that it’s better to not to sharpen the pencils too sharp.I am gonna have this pack for a while. There are a lot of stuff in this pack and for that price it’s unbelievable.I am getting to know Mr Pen brand and all of their products are great and the best customer service i ever experienced.

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  8. Maddie Bartels

    I really enjoy the colors of the highlighters in this set

    I really enjoy the colors of the highlighters in this set, the gel highlighters are also a very close match in shades to the chisel tip ones which is what I was hoping for. However, one of the chisel tip highlighters came distorted, it is shaped more like a fine tip marker and bleeds through the page when used. I enjoy the rest of the set so I will not be returning the whole thing but it is always disappointing to receive a product with any form of error.

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  9. ButterflyGirl

    I really wanted to love this set

    I really wanted to love this set, but it’s just okay.The gel highlighters are nice and do seem to work well for thin paper.The ink highlighters, however, don’t last very long, and after only 6 months of light use, a couple have already dried out, and I’m already having to purchase more.I haven’t found a use for the pencils, or the tape, so I can’t comment on those items.The black logo also rubs off on my hands every time I use them…not a huge issue…just mildly annoying.I do really like the variety that came with the set…but unfortunately, I don’t think I would recommend it, or purchase it again.

  10. By the Grace of God

    I love these

    I bought the highlighters for my bible. They work great…the color is really nice and if I underline first it does not mess that ink up. These pens glide flawless over the page. Yeah…

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  11. MMG

    Dried out

    I bought these for my daughter to use in her math book, and they’re dried out! Package was open and markers were all over the box and they barely highlight. The “gel” ones are like crayons and hard to highlight with (hard to see what you are highlighting).

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  12. Racquel

    They work great on thin paper and didn’t bleed through

    I just purchased this item a couple days ago. I received it today. Honestly I probably didn’t need all the things that came with it. The two dry highlighter pencils are not that visible on my Bible and I tried both gel and regular highlighter. I’m very impressed with the gel highlighters!! They work great on thin paper and didn’t bleed through. I tried using the tape highlighter and it was ok not the best, I won’t use it again only because it feels like it’s going to rip my pages. I mean for all the things you get in the package I’d say the price is great!

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  13. Terri

    They Bleed

    I can’t believe I am the only one who is going to report that they bleed through my bible. Totally useless! And they were all loose and rattling around the shipping box upon delivery. I don’t know why I gave them 2 stars….the gel ones are interesting I guess.My husband will use them for study. I will have to shop again

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  14. Erica

    Nice highlighters

    These are actually pretty cool. The “no bleed” ones are waxy, like crayons, but nice. They’re not as neon as the marker style ones. I got these to color code at home and work and have the same set of colors, and while I could still do this in theory, it would bother me to mix up the marker and waxy highlighter styles on my papers. Just a head’s up in case anyone is like me in that regard.

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  15. D. Davis

    Very nice set

    Very nice set. My husband and I shared the set out and are quite happy with it. Definitely recommend for book marking of finer pages. The barrel pens are like a type of crayon and they work really well in transparency and not bleeding in my Bible. The other highlighters have been good so far, but I can see where they might be too much if you apply too much pressure or double highlight. The pencils are a bit of a wash for me and probably won’t get used. The tape is a unique item but I haven’t used it yet; however, I am sure I will. The packaging is not for keeping the set together or storing them, so don’t plan on that. Definitely recommend.

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  16. Fred B.

    Great highlighters to restock your inventory!

    I needed to replace my highlighters since they were drying up after years of use and storage. I decided to try this Mr. Pen collection because there were several types of highlighting technology (big chisel, normal-sized chisel, gel, pencil, and tape) at a great price. I especially like the gels which go on smoothly, don’t bleed through and shouldn’t dry out. I showed them to a friend I was sitting next to in a meeting and he is going to get some gels for Bible highlighting.

  17. Kassandra

    Mr. Pen is good to know!

    I love this set. It’s a great price for all that is included. I bought the set when I was looking for highlighters for my Bible. I like how the gels work. There’s no bleeding on or through my pages. Also, the pens all feel really good in my hand. There’s another brand that always seems to irritate me when I’m holding it while studying bc there’s something in the design that just bothers me. And…I like how the caps actually snap or click back on in a way so I know they’re shut. I know, I’m weird. They are great though! I will recommend Mr. Pen to anyone who asks.

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  18. Sharon Bergkoetter

    These are great highlighters. They are gel and do not dry out if you leave the cap off. They last a very long time.

  19. Cran&Cran

    Variety, quality and option galore

    Yep…great set!! I loved all the variety in this package. The highlighter pencils and the gel highlighters work so great on thin pages. While the marker highlighters do well on heavier pages. Our family has a variety of uses for highlighters such a school, work and grading. This particular package gave everyone the option to try something new and different. The husband loves the gel version the most for his work. Our older son loves the gel and the regular pen style versions for school. I love the pen styles the most but the gel version definitely comes in handy in books that I am working with. I love the color options as well. I would say they are true to the photos given. I would recommend this set to anyone!

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  20. Terre

    Good value for the assortment

    Love the markers especially the gel ones for my Bible…didn’t really need this many but for the price thought what the heck. Reason I subtracted one star as what would have made it even more valuable to me given the assortment of items, would have been to include a carrying pouch (maybe subtract a color or two, or the tape or sharpener to keep the same price). Otherwise very happy with it!

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  21. Emily B.

    He feels better, I can now see where he’s at and …

    This is exactly what we needed! I homeschool my autistic son, and he’s been having difficulty lately keeping track of what he’s read when doing his schoolwork. His therapist suggested we try highlighting; he highlights everything he’s read to keep track so he doesn’t feel the need to go over it again several times. The problem is the textbooks have fairly thin pages, so bleed-through also upset him. This pack gave us the variety needed to test and find the right tool for the job! He feels better, I can now see where he’s at and if he’s actually reading or “zoning out” while staring at the page so I’m not constantly bothering him and disrupting his focus if he is on-task, and the gel highlighters here are what we needed to avoid bleed-through. Hubby and I will use the others for grading and recordkeeping. Kiddo pushes a little hard so we went through the gel ones quickly, but now I know what to buy! I just wish Mr. Pen sold the gel ones individually. He’s going to go through a bunch!

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  22. Brie

    AMAZING! I’ve been using these for months and they are absolutely irreplaceable. The best of the best!!!

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