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Mr. Pen – Bible Highlighter, Gel Highlighter (Pack of 6)

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Mr. Pen – Dry Highlighter, Gel Highlighter (Pack of 6), Bible Highlighter, Bible Safe Highlighter, Highlighter for Journaling, No Bleed Highlighter, Bible Study Kit, Book Highlighter

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What’s Included:


  • 6 Non-Bleed Gel Highlighter/Bible Highlighter:
    • Won't Bleed Through Any Paper Including Glossy And Thin Papers, Magazines And Bibles.
    • Won't Dry Out If Left Uncapped
    • Acid-Free
    • No Smear Across Ink
    • Pen Style Allows For Easy Handling And Carrying
    • 6 Colors: Yellow, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple


Highlighting guide:

Yellow: Points that should be remembered. It stimulates mental activity.

Pink: Draw attention to something that is important or things that shouldn’t be done.

Orange: Invite to do something. It prevents boredom.

Blue: Highlight complicated points.

Green: Brings balance and it balsam to eyes.

Purple: Highlight things of extreme importance.


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